Quotes About Movies

I was obsessed with romance. When I was in high school, I saw 'Doctor Zhivago' every day from the day it opened until the day it left the theater.

And in movies you must be a gambler. To produce films is to gamble.

Movies are not scripts - movies are films they're not books, they're not the theatre.

I just like movies that somehow expose the world in a way that's different than you imagine it.

I've always been an animal lover. I've grown up with dogs my whole life. I think that is what helped me get the role on 'Lassie', I was comfortable around the dog, where many of the kids were afraid or intimidated by Lassie.

Sometimes in movies, I still have to be the hero, but it's not all that important to me anymore.

Nobody makes movies bad on purpose.

'Home Alone' was a movie, not an alibi.

It couldn't sound like a dog, because K9 isn't a dog, but I made it sound as mechanical as possible.

We are the movies and the movies are us.