Quotes About Humor

Comedy is so hard to do, so it was very cool to do dead pan humor.

Incongruity, they say, is one of the main ingredients of humor. Maybe it's because everybody can feel superior to me. I honestly don't know.

I think superheroes are heroes with flaws, and in their flaws, there is a sense of humor.

You may not like the humor, but that is why every radio has an on-off button.

We take the shortest route to the puck and arrive in ill humor.

Humor has historically been tied to the mores of the day. The Yellow Kid was predicated on what people thought was funny about the immigrant Irish. When you're different in a society, you're funny.

This is a feminist bookstore. There is no humor section.

The best scary movies have great humor in them and a great story.

Humor results when society says you can't scratch certain things in public, but they itch in public.