Quotes About Failure

It is commonly said that a teacher fails if he has not been surpassed by his students. There has been no failure on our part in this regard considering how far they have gone.

Ken Lay has, does and will continue to accept responsibility for the fall of Enron. He was the man at the controls. But failure is not a crime.

I think the greatest taboos in America are faith and failure.

Success and failure are greatly overrated. But failure gives you a whole lot more to talk about.

Don't take too much comfort in the fact that you're successful today because tomorrow could bring failure. There's no surety in life.

It really is impossible not to like him. His success was his failure.

Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.

Failure is not fatal victory is not success.

There's only one thing that can guarantee our failure, and that's if we quit.

The Soviet Union did not achieve victory over the West, so was my information inadequate to help them to victory, or did it play no particular role in their failure to achieve victory?